Proud to Be a Leader in Pet First Aid Kits, Supplies and Animal Emergency CPR and First Aid Training and Certification

About Us

Pet Emergency Education is an internationally recognized animal CPR and first aid training and certification company as well as a provider of high quality pet first aid supplies.  We were founded by Amy D’Andrea, one of the most decorated veterinary technicians in the country who dedicated her career to helping people help their pets. 

Amy has been a credentialed veterinary technician for over 28 years and completed training with Cornell University Veterinary School in canine and feline basic and advanced life support, earning a certification by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care.  She was an Associate Professor in veterinary technology, teaching veterinary nursing to students at Mount Ida College, New England Institute of Technology and Ashworth College.  She is a renowned speaker, authored various publications, including 5 textbooks, and became one of the industry’s leading subject matter experts in veterinary technology education.   Amy served for many years on the Executive Board of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America where she was the President.  

Throughout her career, Amy saw many pets die or their medical conditions made worse because the pet owner or care giver did not know what to do prior to arriving at her veterinary hospital. She was determined to create training programs and high quality first aid supplies that met the standards of the veterinary industry and that helped people better care for their pets in an emergency.

Our training programs and curriculum are based on researched and proven successful methods of animal first aid and CPR developed by emergency veterinarians. We are among one of the most recognized Pet CPR and first aid certifications in the world and are proudly endorsed by veterinary professionals. Creating exceptional pet first aid kits at an affordable price was a natural evolution and we are proud to say that we believe our kits are the best in the industry at their price points.

“As a credentialed veterinary technician and founder of Pet Emergency Education, I have a tremendous amount of experience helping pet owners and animal professionals prepare to manage medical emergencies that occur with animals. Along with other veterinary health care experts, we have created a superior, deluxe pet first aid kit that contains high quality first aid supplies that veterinarians feel is best needed to manage an animal medical emergency.”

Amy D’Andrea Med, RVT, CVT, VTS(EVN), Founder and Co-Owner of Pet Emergency Education